DMI is retail automotive data. It’s a big claim, but we believe we deliver the solutions, experience, security and track record to back it up. Without DMI, there would be no automotive web portals, no vehicle service history reports, no customer relationship management, no parts locators. If you’ve looked at a car online, ordered a part or gotten a reminder to change your oil, chances are you’ve seen our work.

We’ve been the leader in automotive data for a long time, but what we value most are our partnerships with OEMs, dealers, suppliers and other clients. These partnerships make us Who We Are. We work hard not only to be the largest, most comprehensive data provider, but to deliver the highest quality, most reliable, trusted solutions possible.

We currently work with every OEM in North America and process data for nearly all dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. That’s 23,000 dealerships and over 140,000 data connections every day.

We are a part of CDK Global

DMI, with IntegraLink, is a business unit of CDK Global, previously known as ADP Dealer Services. Founded in 1995, DMI is the industry authority on dealer data, offering data products and related applications that serve OEMs, third parties, and dealership groups. Our InfoIQ® technology is unique in the industry and provides our clients with the highest quality data available.

IntegraLink was founded in 1998 and acquired by CDK Global in 2010. IntegraLink was combined with DMI in 2010 to offer the most comprehensive data and services in the industry.

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CDK SecurityFirstCDK recognizes that we all have a role to play in securing the automotive industry and protecting our customers. Thus, in evolving its approach to security, CDK has launched SecurityFirst, a new initiative that defines our shared commitment to protecting the retail automotive industry and our customers. Learn more about SecurityFirst.