DMI invests in the people, processes and technology to ensure the best data in the industry. Nobody has more experience producing the highest quality data in the industry.

Dealers have a lot of choices when choosing a Dealer Management System (DMS) and a lot of creative ways of using their DMS' to meet their business needs. We learned long ago that you can't change individual user behavior. Instead, DMI designed our systems to be flexible to fit the dealers' way of doing business. Our data processes adapt to DMS-specific and dealership-specific behavior resulting in consistent, high quality data regardless of source.

DMI uses proprietary and third-party technology to ensure the data is the best it can be.

  • DMI Proprietary: slop-strict data mappings, data categorization, intelligent VIN decode
  • Third-party: parts master files, vehicle reference data, manufacturer vehicle data

We also offer a Data Validation workflow. Here your dealers can access the DMI Data Viewer, where they can easily review, comment, accept or decline their data. Our qualified support team will work with your dealers, using dealer-specific logic and other tools to ensure we're always capturing their complete data set.

We don't just deliver the highest quality data but we deliver more of it than anyone else to more of the industry. More manufacturers and third-parties use DMI than any other data service provider. That's because they rely on DMI to consistently deliver the highest quality data in the industry.