You Manage Your Business, We'll Manage Your Data

Our business is managing data. It's what we do.

With DMI, you'll have an industry leader help create and manage your data program. We'll establish feeds from every DMS provider (over 40) and other crucial sources and manage those feeds on a daily basis with every dealer in your network, including DMS changes, buy/sells, dropped connections—the list goes on. We'll then make sure you get the right data from each dealer by managing dealer business rules and accommodating the idiosyncrasies of how dealers use their systems. We'll also cleanse, standardize and enhance the data so that it's ready to fuel your business need.

Focus on your business - let DMI focus on your data.


In today's world, data security is a topic covered in the press nearly every day. Businesses and consumers rely on the free flow of data to go about their business, but with evolving technology comes increasing threats and concerns about information security. OEM's, dealers, Dealer Management System (DMS) providers, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), and others all recognize the opportunities and the risks. DMI offers OEMs a solution.

Our Dealer Data Repository Solution gives OEMs the power of all of DMI's core data collection, cleansing and enhancement with a robust Data Governance interface, giving you and your dealers increased transparency, visibility, and security. We manage and control data syndication, according to your program-specific business rules.

You can rely on DMI for your Data Management.