95% of people that are shopping for a vehicle spend at least part of their search online. Millennials are even more likely to reach for a device to start shopping. It's safe to say, ignoring how and why shoppers are visiting and interacting with dealerships leaves a lot to chance.


DMI helps you leverage this market with dynamic video content that is scalable, real time and easy to create and manage. With our video solutions, shoppers can view every dealer and every car in your network. Real-time data means vehicle information, like pricing and availability, is always up-to-date and, more importantly, in your control. Content can be tailored to speak to a user based on their shopping behavior and the device they are using. This helps you connect with shoppers and deliver a better experience than your competitors.


Deliver content to the consumer the way they want it. Watching videos engages shoppers in a way that static imagery can't. You can better show vehicle details and highlight features that would otherwise go unnoticed. More and more consumers are turning to their devices to shop for vehicles and video is the medium of their choice.


DMI's Support Sales helps you build your brand by highlighting CPO features or dealer-branded content. You can show stunning footage of your new showrooms or educate shoppers with the benefits of your CPO program (warranty, inspection, etc). Video effects, like overlays, help you easily highlight important features.