Whether you're an OEM, a portal provider, an automotive digital marketing expert, an inventory management provider, or a new start up with a great idea to help sell more cars and trucks, we've got the data that you need to fuel your business. DMI collects, cleans, enhances and syndicates all the inventory data for nearly every vehicle for sale at over 22,000 dealers. We handle it all: vehicle data and descriptions, images and video, and an inventory management tool that, we believe, is the best in the industry.

We understand the business of marketing vehicles and have the tools to get the job done:


Today's consumers want to comparison shop online. In order for you to compete online your data needs to be accurate and current. DMI receives vehicle inventory data from virtually every available dealer source and cleanses, enhances and standardizes the data before distributing it to the marketplace. In order to do this, DMI maintains OEM vehicle reference data and build data repositories for almost every vehicle available on the market.

DMI leverages its comprehensive vehicle reference data repositories for VIN pattern (or "squish VIN") decoding to fill in the gaps in the dealer’s vehicle inventory listing data. VIN pattern decoding is able to identify the attributes such as year, make, model and some standard features, but is often unable to identify basic characteristics, such as Engine, Transmission and even Trim Level. DMI, on the other hand, leverages the original OEM build data, unique to every vehicle produced, including specific vehicle content and optional equipment installed on every vehicle.


Complete, accurate, and up-to-date. We process over 5 million vehicle records per day. We receive real-time updates from industry partners, drastically reducing the time it takes for vehicles to appear online. In addition to complete daily files, we offer near real-time updates, and a real-time API, giving you immediate access to the most complete vehicle inventory data in the market.


Vehicle inventory management made easy. From managing vehicle descriptions and prices, to window stickers and buyer’s guides, we have the tool your dealers need.


DMI processes over 3.6 million images per day and sends them to over 379 channel partners in the US and Canada. Tell us where you want your vehicles displayed, and we’ll get them there.


No website is complete without Video. Our vehicle videos are played over 100,000 times a day. That's 28,000 minutes per day of dwell time! Learn more about our Real-Time Video solution.