Would knowing more about the vehicle you're financing help your bottom line? Would understanding the true value of the vehicle including all options help you get more deals done? Let DMI’s complete vehicle description data take the guess work out of your financing decisions.

In addition to the best vehicle data in the industry, DMI also offers data products that provide the data you need to fuel your finance programs. We provide cleansed and standardized sales transaction data to provide insight into:

  • Lease penetration
  • Finance sources
  • Gross profits
  • Residuals
  • Finance rates
  • Warranty and insurance penetration

We offer data from multiple dealership areas to help you get the most complete picture of dealership F&I operations. Sources contained in the DMS include:

  • Trade-in vehicles
  • New and used vehicle sales
  • Gross and net profit
  • Finance information
  • Warranty and insurance data

Interested? Contact DMI. Let's see how our industry expertise can help your business.